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Dragon Booster: Blackened Gold by Cruzerchic123 Dragon Booster: Blackened Gold by Cruzerchic123
FIRST AND FOREMOST - this is scraps for a reason. I sincerely apologize for how bad the shopping is and having it look like half the other DB stuff on here, instead of an actual sketch. :(

Okay, so I had this idea that you can read about here: [link] and I might write this one day. But until then, have my headcanon for it:

So then I decided to take it and play around with it a little more. It would happen some time after DB and DB:A. There's this period of time where an entity RELATED to Armeggadon but not Armeggy himself would have come back from the past and slowly somehow corrupted Artha's draconium influence, as well as his ideas and mind and make him think that Moordryd being a goodish guy now is taking away his friends and family. But before Artha can become pure black draconium from gold, they save Beau and they freeze the entity from awakening in its true form - also freezing Artha in the process.

A few years later, entity is awoken, and Dark Artha Penn is awakened. He only wreaks havoc because a) he's being deceived by illusions and manipulations from the evil entity who has domination over him and b) he wants Beau back to restore things right (or so he was told, but not told that Beau is the key to world domination and without Beau, Artha is just one piece of the puzzle). He has become considerably colder and cruel, his only goal being to retrieve Beau now, but his intentions are misguided and deep down he still has that heart of just needs to be polished up by his friends. Artha was influenced from Dark Ace's design from Dragon Booster's successor, Storm Hawks. if I had to actually take the time to Photoshop decent clothes on him (and I probably will in the future) - it would be his armour except the blue is black, spikier things are spikier, and there's no helmet or certain details until he goes full Dark Dragon Booster form. And THAT is not supposed to be eyeliner either - those are bags, though yes, I do agree he definitely looks emo now. Gotta make 'em look DARK and SUPER CHANGED so you know "uh oh something is going to go down" when they re-appear.

Lance is the main protagonist of DB: BG. I wanted Moordryd at first to be the main character - but then I grew up, realized "no, this was only because I'm a huge fangirl of his" and decided Lance would be a better, more interesting, and more faithful to succeed Artha as main character candidate. He would be around 13 - 14 and look + act kind of like this: [link] He hangs out with Spratt and Sparkk quite a bit since they're his besties, but it's tough to hide all his secrets from them when a) he wants to brag or b) situation calls to hide it at all costs. He's upset that Artha left them, though, and absolute hates what evil took his brother away from them. Thus, he's kind of emo about the subject of Artha, and tends to get heated up in anger about Artha not being with them. He tries to replace Artha as the Dragon Booster by doing his best as the Energy Booster, but he gets headstrong and does not think properly, getting him into trouble. When he calms down, lets his "my father was a Dragon Priest" wisdom flow through his blue draconium-influenced bones, and realizes the right thing to do - he follows through. While not playing/hacking video games and doing Booster deeds, he does make an effort to enter the street racing tracks.

Kitt's gone back to her street racing roots after the academy, is the new leader and representative of Penn Racing (in which she earns money and donates a share to Connor and Lance) and does her duties as Fire Booster when duty calls. She's gotten tougher and a bit more defensive + aggressive, though she's still the same ol' Kitt. She gets pissed off and regards Artha rather bitterly when Artha finally shows his face again and she absolutely doesn't want anything to do with him anymore...or so she thinks, but deep down she's definitely got some strong feelings buried away (as well as a piece of jewelry Artha gave her before he went all evil bad guy on them). Her anger is troublesome, as like fire it can go out of control, and so can her power when provoked. As you can see, she's gone with a more red pallete for clothes and has tied her grown-out hair up into a punk sort of ponytail that resembles a flame in the concept sketches - while I was a fan of the bobcut pigtail, I felt this hair suits her newer personality more.

Moordryd hasn't fully become a good guy yet, especially with Artha's change in moral horizon. He is still linked with the Dragon Eyes crew in name, but has since stepped down abruptly and assigned Cain as leader in his leave (which is temporary, though nobody really knows since he did this to ease crime knowing Cain's capabilities and interests). He's become a little more stoic and calculative in age, thinking things out a little before acting on them, but he still has this very tough edge about him that you don't wanna mess with. He and Word - well, they don't talk to each other, don't talk about each other, and avoid each other as much as possible no matter how many times Word has tried to contact him in the past few years or have him deliver packages back and forth to Connor (which Moordryd does using his Dragon Eyes as that link between him and his father to do those, even going so far as breaking back into the base to steal health records of Word). Also, the haircut was a while back when Artha and the evil entity were frozen, somebody drew the last straw with the "like father like son" comparisons, and Moordryd wanted to severe all and any kind of ties with his father. It bothers Moordryd how Artha completely changed sides, though, and he vows that he will get Artha to come back to the side of good and justice that Artha has influenced him to fight for. (And kick evil's butt because Armeggy was a problem enough as it was, though he's having some issues using the Shadow Booster amulet and gauntlet and not transforming when he wants to in general...)

Parm (who wasn't shopped, I'm sorry) is no longer a junior professor but a student (and one of the best in the freshman group) at some kind of Sun City Science Academy aiming for his Master's Degree in Draconium Sciences or something like that. He is also a starting freelance gear developer not just to get his name out, but more to help earn money for Penn Stables. Parm sometimes gets teased and scorned by the elitist higher-ups in his academy, but he pushes on with his greater passions - his studies, his responsibilities, and his bonds. He's not comfortable about the subject of Artha either, and tries to fill in that Big Brother position, though he knows he can't (as Lance angrily tells him after an ugly encounter with Artha) but he does care about Lance and everybody. He has gotten braver thanks to having to keep his head above everyone (as usual), and being the Power Booster. There are moments too when hesitation is no longer an option and quick, headstrong action must be applied to the situation at hand - which is usually followed by adrenaline-fueled enthusiasm by Parm before he often realizes what's actually happening and proceeds to panic. ;P

Connor's a mess and has aged considerably thanks to stress, though as much as possible he doesn't show that. He tries to keep it together but it eats him up more than he wants it too now that it feels like everything has fallen apart and Artha is no longer on their side. The new darkness over Artha bothers him quite a bit (not only in painful flashbacks and head visions) and if he can 't be found up where the stables are, he can be found looking through old scrolls and trying to figure out things as he did as Mortis. Him and Lance take turns with each other in balancing each other out so that they can look on the bright side. He's focusing on the breeding business again and trains young, new racers, including Lance.

Word's the same as always, though he has an injury from one battle that renders him not as nimble as he once was. Thankfully expensive draconium bone treatment helps when necessary, but it's wearing off. (Something Moordryd is keeping tabs on.) He and Connor talk every now and then, strictly professional rival-wise at first; however they can't help but reflect on good times in their once-strong friendship. Though he doesn't want to say it, Word is thankful for Moordryd's mere existence (if he were to say anything at the least) and is proud of him now.

Beau is now human-less, though Lance has taken on temporary role as his rider whenever necessary (so a few races when Fracshun's out of commission, etc). He is still the same dragon we all know and love - he laughs, he trips people with his tail, and he steals people's candy bars. He tries to be the Big Brother and Guardian of all his fellow dragons and humans of the Penn Racing Crew, which puts him in grave danger considering everybody is still after him. He's greatly troubled and misses Artha deeply, though he isn't certain what to think of his human anymore since Artha seems to be lost and their draconium influence and spiritual thoughts don't seem to connect anymore. Still, Beau knows that the real Artha is there somewhere, and he wants him to come back and be his human again.

For some sketches I've done of the designs, click here! [link]
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Wyldfyr453 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016  New Deviant Student Artisan Crafter
Ha ha moordryd! Kit is still awesome though 😝
RainyMeadows Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014  Student General Artist
Moordryd looks pretty damn cool with short hair.
emerald-eyez333 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2011
love these designs! :)
Cruzerchic123 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2011
Thank you! :D
emerald-eyez333 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2011
u welcome^^
CittyCat105 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2011
i like the story idea. and Moordryd with short hair. i don't think Moordryd could ever be 100% good. i think tyhe best he'll get is 60-40 or 70-30. (maybe even 75-25, but that's pushing it a bit.) he'll always be a thief.
Cruzerchic123 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2011
I wouldn't have been surprised if Dragon Booster had continued airing and had pushed him to 70 - 90% in a span of even less than two seasons, just based on poor writing OR based on really good influence should Moordryd's character be really naive (and I'm quite confident he sort of is given how easy it is to get him thinking twice). I do believe that there is a strong sense of justice in Moordryd - misguided and not there, but it needs to be drawn out and found through conflict.

In Blackened Gold's storyline, it sort of happens after Armeggy vanishes but not before the war is resolved, so Moordryd's moral conflict increases again in contrast with his newfound justice and responsibilities being a Heroic!?Shadow Booster. I'd say around 50% - 70%, depending on his mood or his influence.
CittyCat105 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2011
do you watch Avatar:Last Airbender? i had an idea to team Moordryd up with Ty Lee. she's pretty stupid, but i think she's got a heart of gold hidded under a lot of 'evil'. i think Moordryd just needs a girlfriend and who better then a girl who wears all pink and won't stop smiling.
i might write a fan fic about it.
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