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It was my sister who fell in love
with a boy who walked on land
I thought she was featherbrained and stupid
And that she'd never have his hand

But when I saw that Usul boy's friend
I felt my mind go ablur
His fiery hair, his twinkling golden eyes
His tawny amber fur

He was to swim and search for Maraqua
So that the pirates wouldn't win
He got lost, so I helped him out
To my shock, he gave me a grin

All my life, people seemed to hate me
But he wanted to be my friend
That Kyrii seemed so kind and helpful
All my negative emotions seemed to end

My life was one of depression
For prophetic nightmares, I got the boot
But this guy, he makes me happy
He's also kind of cute

And when he fights, by Borovan!
He seems so fierce and strong
He gave that comment to me as well
And we've felt some kind of bond

Now him and I are a couple
With so much in common to say
But my sister and his best friend
Well, with them it's not such a sunny day...
Little shanty poem about Caylis and her feelings for Jacques...;)
entwineddarkness Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2005
Two words: That's great.
PurpleDameKat Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2005
Heh, this is a great idea - doing poems on their points of view. Kind of like the two stories I did on Rohane and Talinia.
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