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September 24, 2011
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IMPROVEMENT MEME: PPGTeenz by Cruzerchic123 IMPROVEMENT MEME: PPGTeenz by Cruzerchic123

Anybody that tells you to stop drawing because you are terrible needs to shut their mouth.

This is my learning curve after 10 years. I have been drawing PPG fanart since I was 8 years old. I have been drawing PPG fanart for 11 - 12 years now, and I still manage to surprise myself how closer each day I get to the actual style + a mix of mine each time I draw them. I used to think I was so good at that style too back then and now. How wrong I prove myself every time I redraw a PPG.

I was lucky to have not had people tell me to my face how bad my artwork was back in the day when I was some stupid 12 year old. If you look through all of my gallery, you will see that I've come a long, LONG way. It surprises me how much of all the bad stuff as a fangirl I did - I made Mary-Sues, I drew god-awful fanart after god-awful fanart, I was once a confused homophobe (and then that turned into an obsessive yaoi fangirl), I was pretty sure I could qualify as furfag, and I was basically why people hated fans and deviantArt, and why they make hateblogs and groups all over the place. I would not be surprised if some of my old shit is somewhere on SociallyUnacceptableArt's Tumblr or was ever bitched at.

Did I stop drawing? No.

Don't let some jerks no matter how good they are or no matter what kind of experience or knowledge they have tell you to stop drawing. That is the WORST shit they can do and you can listen to. Don't listen to it if it falls along those lines. Once upon a time, we were all terrible. We didn't like criticism.

But you will grow up, and you will mature, as will your art.

Do I want a cookie? NO. I want to tell you that anybody can improve so as long as they keep doing what they are doing and put effort into improving.

If they give you criticism, though, pay attention to it - it WILL help you improve. STUDY. Even if you don't feel comfortable doing something that isn't your style, try it. You will learn a LOT. Pay attention to detail. Art schools will EAT YOU ALIVE if you don't know how to handle people's different opinions or criticisms - it is why I still consider myself an "illustrator" rather than an "artist" when it comes to my drawings.

But most importantly, above all. Keep. Drawing.

You WILL improve. Practice doesn't make perfect but it does make a difference. You just need to have PASSION, PATIENCE, DILIGENCE, and ENDURANCE. It may take years. It may take months. Weeks. Maybe even DAYS if you really put your 100% into what you are doing. Just KEEP DRAWING, keep doing WHAT YOU LOVE, and years later and even years AFTER, I promise you, you will not regret anything.

Powerpuff Girls (c) Craig McCracken
PPG 2008 Team Pic: [link]
PPG 2011 Team Pic: [link]
Blank Meme by: :iconbampire: [link]
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