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July 7, 2005
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Wail of the Eyeless Siren
by: Vanessa C.

There is an old tale, one so old it is almost forgotten, about a siren that dwells in the dark waters of the Pacific Coast. Before I tell you that tale, you will have to hear this one, so that you may understand.

Once, long ago, mythical creatures existed. Centaurs, pegasi, unicorns, even winged unicorns, ran across the land. Phoenixes, griffins, and dragons conquered the air. Mermaids and sirens controlled the waters. Any mythical creature you could think of, even those evil ones from legends, like the Manticore and Gorgons. Then something happened, and all these creatures vanished out of nowhere.

But not the mermaids and the sirens. Some of them managed to survive. For years and even centuries they would sing their alluring songs, pulling fishermen and other unfortunate men into their trap, to have them killed. Those who survived would always be pale, with eyes strained from poor sleep, and one day their wives would find them dead in their beds, their eyes blank and empty and their lips a bluish tinge.

Eventually the mermaids and sirens became myth and legend, but one siren managed to survive. This siren was beyond beautiful, with pale skin so perfect, golden hair so wavy and sleek, and lips so luscious. Her eyes, why, they were so hypnotic, so awe-striking. They were like sky blue diamonds that seemed to pull you into her grasp...

Men would fall for her back then, all the time. She was a danger to life, a seductive water-creature that nearly resembled a human, except that her eyes were very sensitive. She usually kept them closed, unless she was taking a man to her will. They always said that what they experienced was so wonderful, and yet so horrible at the same time.

Finally one man, strong to hypnosis, managed to stick a knife in both her eyes, and yank them out. He claimed that she gave a bloodcurdling scream before sinking into the dark depths of the sea. He said that her eyes would be her heart, and that he just destroyed it. He boasted about this for years, eventually marrying a woman and bearing children.

But the siren wasn't dead just yet. She was blind, blind with rage and fury. She foamed at the mouth and shrieked as she tried swimming in the sea, mutating into something horrifying. What living thing she found, she attacked viciously and killed. Sometimes she would eat her victims while they were still alive, bone and all, giving off her cry.

One day the man went off to the sea to mock the "dead" spirit of the siren. His wife told him to stop being so proud for killing a siren, but he just shrugged and went off anyway. Thirty minutes passed; he wasn't home. One hour passed; he still wasn't home. More hours passed; still no sign of the man. Finally the wife, who was worried sick, took up her shawl and walked out to the edge of the lake, and gave a scream.

Her husband's brown eyes, wide with the light still in them, rolled lazily on the shore. Nothing else was left of him. She ran and called up the authorities that existed back then, but they had no evidence, because the eyes were taken back into the water. The wife of that man would spend her days curled up in a ball in the corner of the kitchen, whimpering, her face ever so white and her eyes wide open, strained from lack of sleep, just like all the men taken by the mermaids and sirens.

But the siren wasn't finished yet. She grew mental, crazy with her loss of sight. Whoever stumbled near her territory, where she dwelled, would pay dearly. She craved blood, she craved revenge, she claimed the life of man...

Years have passed, and now we live in modern times. A young teenager who disobeyed her parents most of the time had a date, and her boyfriend asked her to meet her at the dock. She lived somewhere in Vancouver, Canada, where the Pacific Coast edged. She sat on the dock, her legs dangling just a few inches from the water. An hour went by, and her boyfriend didn't show up. The sky was gray, with absolutely no sunlight peeking through, and the tide was coming in. The waves were strong and choppy, and the wind whistled past her ears.

She was about to get up when she noticed two small spheres floating in the water. She picked one up, and realized with a sickening feeling that this was her boyfriend's eyeball.

Then suddenly something hideous rose from the water so quickly, and it grabbed her leg. It was a freakishly deprived woman-like creature, with scaly, withered pale green skin, sharp fins growing from several parts of her body, kelp-like disgusting hair, and worst yet, black sockets that seemed to make you lose control, to drive you to insanity, pulling you down into an endless void. The girl who was grabbed gave a scream, a scream of unspeakable horror and terror, the thin, slippery, bony fingers gripping her leg so harshly, her eyes wide.

Then the siren gave her own scream, a ghastly, inhuman, high-pitched wail that could make you burst into tears and become sleepless, living in fear, before both siren and girl were pulled into the sea as thunder boomed overhead. After a few minutes, the eyeballs of the girl floated up to the surface of the water.

Police did a full investigation, only finding things like bones and a few body parts. They claim that something ripped the girl and her boyfriend apart into pieces. The police also explain that others who go near the sea at dark times go missing, only to meet the gruesome fate that awaits them. Eyeballs were found floating, and some fishermen claim that sometimes, they can hear a horrible shriek when its gloomy outside. They believe in the siren, because sometimes, they would also see her head sticking up from the water, staring at them angrily with empty eye sockets.

But why does she hunt so many people down? One fisherman says its because of what one human did to her. Now she's against the human race, vowing to destroy all those who were just like that boastful man, and even some innocent people, even little babies and children. The fisherman also says that she wants her beauty back, and right now, she searches for eyes, eyes that can be as beautiful as her own, but yet, with each she tries on, those are not the perfect eyes, and she throws them away, so if you're in the Pacific region, fishing or taking a swim, if you see a pair of what looks like eyes floating in the water or two dark spots growing closer and closer to you from the sea, and a wail so painful and angry, it could possibly mean that the eyeless siren is ready to get you...

The End
Maybe for a bit of inhuman killing, I'm not so sure. Just added a warning label to play it safe.

Look at the picture.

Then read if you dare.

This was for a contest between one of my writer friends to make a horror story for her camping trip (I don't do camping). I came in first because I freaked out the most men at the camping trip. :D

This isn't fandom. I made this up. If it sounds like some Bloody Mary story, basically we needed a cliche for this writing contest.

Enjoy. :mwahaha:
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Sockmonk Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2005
Good story. Terrifying. I like it.
Cruzerchic123 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2005
:lmao: We all need some horror once in a while. Glad ya liked it.
caluan Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2005
*screams and don't want to look back*

Cara: That's why I say that you shouldn't look. Too young for this story.
elfsyuki Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2005
Oh, it can produce some nightmares to some of my classmates.


You see.

Nice stories, and I am terrrified.
PurpleDameKat Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2005


Ooh, I like it. Me likes, and I don't care about the gore. :mwahaha: Maybe I should write a horror story of my own.

Then again, I think I just did, for issue 197.
Cruzerchic123 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2005
Really? I'll check it out! But that means no really really horrifying events. :XD:
PurpleDameKat Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2005
I know. It's entitled "The Last Question", and I got the idea from the Neopian Times Writers' Bank on the Collaborations board. ;)

But I might write a horror story of my own, as in, really really REALLY gory. Ever hear of the mythical Philippine monsters they call "aswang"? :mwahaha:
Cruzerchic123 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2005

If you're talking about the baby-eating aswang, and then I marry and have a kid, that kid better be born and it and I better still be living! :XD:

Of course I've heard of the aswang. I saw one peek of the movie that my mom and dad were watching, and then forever that, that THING sucking that woman's kid out still haunts me.

The one you wrote about was just as damn freaky.
zarkatz Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2005
Html I was like when you said canda, vancouevr i wa slike "OMG ARE YOU PUTTTING ME IN THERE?!?!" XD. That reminds me of kill bill vol. 2. The girl had one eye, then uma took out the other one and stepped on it. I personaly am addicted to sirens now, even nymphs(sp?). This deserevs a fav.
zarkatz Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2005
Html I was like when you said canda, vancouevr i wa slike "OMG ARE YOU PUTTTING ME IN THERE?!?!" XD. That reminds me of kill bill vol. 2. The girl had one eye, then uma took out the other one and stepped on it. I personaly am addicted to sirens now, even nymphs(sp?). This deserevs a fav.
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